Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Attorneys: make sure your judges fill out their child support orders completely!Nebraska court of appeals dismisses appeal of modified child support order in paternity case where the trial court left blank the father's new monthly child support obligation Goeser v. Allen, 14 Neb. App. 656 Filed April 11, 2006. No. A-05-658. The Appeals court also overrules State v. Engleman, 5 Neb. App. 485, 560 N.W.2d 851 (1997) to the extent that case purported to rule on any issues presented in a case lacking appellate jurisdiction.
(here) the trial court ordered modification of the child support obligation, but it did not ascertain Alvin's monthly obligation. Instead, as shown above, the court left unfilled blanks in the order. Because no specific sums for child support were included in the trial court's order, and because the rights and liabilities of the parties could not be ascertained without going beyond the record, the order was not a final, appealable order. Accordingly, this court is without jurisdiction to consider.(father's) appeal, and it must be dismissed

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