Sunday, August 13, 2006

Why is Justice Gerrard a "frontrunner" with Governor Heinemann for Chief Justice of the Nebraska Supreme Court? The world herald reports that only three of the nine applicants for the Nebraska Supreme court appear to be the front-runners to become Nebraska's new chief justice, several insiders say: Supreme Court Judge John Gerrard, District Judge John Icenogle and U.S. Attorney Mike Heavican. "Lawyers speaking anonymously also said they expect Gov. Dave Heineman likely will feel some pressure to appoint a Republican to the post, given that the seven-member Supreme Court now is composed of Democrats appointed by former Gov. Ben Nelson. " Why would a partisan democrat be on the Governor's short list in the first place? Justice Gerrard has not done Heinemann's administration any favors. Best guess: if Gerrard is up for the Chief Justiceship, one of the Governor's own will take Gerrard's slot representing northeastern Nebraska.

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