Sunday, September 10, 2006

Kenny is no fan of the peoples seldom used right to recall judges who go their own way and not theirs; never mind that in Nebraska it happened once and hasn't since. Still its an undignified assault on judicial "independence/"Kenny's Blog. Justice Lanphier was the first and only victim of a successful judicial retention election against a sitting supreme Court justice. Those who tried to bring him down hardly ambushed him. As it turns out each side spent roughly equal amounts of money on the campaign. Although the Nebraska accountability and disclosure commission unsuccessfully sought to compel the anti lamprey forces to comply with the elections regulations act, now they must according to legislative amendments. 49-1405 REARS The People also defeated a constitutional amendment to require supreme court retention elections take place statewide. 1998. The other measures to remove a judge from office are Iimpeachment and a decision from Nebraska Judicial Qualifications Commission. That is hardly a sign that the independence of judges is at stake, assuming we must endure independent judges.

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