Tuesday, September 01, 2009

What do the students who do best on the LSAT major in during college? The Volokh Conspiracy cites research that shows Economics and Philosophy do best: "Economics majors still perform at or near the top of all majors taking the test. Economics majors (LSAT score of 157.4) are tied for first (with Philosophy) of the 12 largest disciplines (those with more than 1,900 students entering law school). Economics is tied for second (with Philosophy/Religion (157.4)) behind Physics/Math (160.0) in a set of 29 discipline groupings that are created to yield at least 450 students with similar majors. " Pre-law students fare less well on the test, but I'm sure they can make up for it with greater opportunities for "community organizing" projects that can make up a lot of ground on their intellectual betters.

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