Saturday, November 14, 2009

Order of the Kneepads Update: Nebraska Supreme Court suspends for six months attorney who neglected child custody matter, failed to refund unearned fees, had been privately reprimanded in the past for neglecting cases, and failed to timely respond to the Counsel for Discipline inquiries. State ex rel. Counsel for Dis. v. Smith, S-08-1333, 278 Neb. 899 "Because Smith neither responded to the Counsel for Discipline regarding Johnson’s grievance nor filed a pleading, we have no basis for considering any factors that mitigate in Smith’s favor. Furthermore, this behavior indicates disrespect for our disciplinary jurisdiction and a lack of concern for the protection of the public, the profession, and the administration of justice. Considering that Smith has previously been privately reprimanded for similar neglect and that he has failed to communicate with the Counsel for Discipline in a timely or meaningful fashion, we conclude that a 6-month suspension from the practice of law is necessary to protect the public and maintain the reputation of the bar. We also order Smith to return any fees collected from Johnson."

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