Sunday, December 06, 2009

Nebraska Supreme Court holds that employer's appeal of worker compensation court judge's assessment of interest and waiting time penalties did not divest the trial court of jurisdiction over the benefits award itself. The Supreme Court upholds worker compensation court review panel's decision that delinquent interest accrues from the date each weekly benefit became due. Russell v. Kerry Inc., S-08-146, 278 Neb. 981 "the Court of Appeals incorrectly determined that the workers’ compensation trial judge did not have jurisdiction to entertain Russell’s second enforcement motion while Kerry’s appeal from the judge’s first enforcement order was pending before the review panel. We reverse that part of the Court of Appeals’ decision. But we affirm the Court of Appeals’ determination that under § 48-125(3), the review panel correctly assessed interest on Russell’s final award from the date that each installment of benefits became due to the date of Kerry’s payment."

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