Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Deep Thoughts Department: Justice Gerrard tells Duke students, "Lawyers are People Too!"(Jack Handy, Guest Blogger) What would people think Blog.Nebraska Supremes Justice Gerrard spoke to liberal evangelicals (yes I guess they're out there) at Duke University where his daughter studies. Bet the following hypotheticals have perplexed you ever since to you passed the bar exam: "How can you be a Christian and a lawyer?" "how can you be a good person and a lawyer?" The good Justice Gerrard inspired the blogging student:
J. Gerrard argued, and I agree, that we as lawyers have a responsibility beyond mere legal advocacy to improve the lives of our clients. As Christian lawyers, especially, we must love them with the same zeal that Christ loved the prostitutes, swindlers, drunkards, beggars, lepers, and outcasts.
In other words our clients; BTW I need another $5K retainer to go to trial.

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