Thursday, February 02, 2006

Order of the Knee-pads update: Police arrest Omaha area attorney for stealing clients' accident settlement funds; Nebraska Supreme Court had suspended the attorney in 1995 for identical conductOmaha Law Blog. Attorney Tom Gleason may have stolen as much as $60000 from clients. For doing the same thing the Nebraska Supreme Court suspended him in 1995. The linked blog is dismayed that the Supremes' leniency will come back to haunt it and will make the Court less willing to consider leniency in the future. On the contrary, the results of this case shows the Supreme Court is not capable of policing the ranks of lawyers. The Supremes discipline lawyers in part to protect the "image of the profession." But covering up problems protects it also, as long as no one pays attention. Its time an outside state agency start disciplining attorneys, one subjec to the greater priority the Courts should have of protecting the public.

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