Thursday, May 10, 2007

Follow up: Unicameral bows to pressure of agitated skate boarders and reverses Nebraska Supreme Court ruling that had eliminated landowner protections for political subdivisions arising from recreational activities But will such an unjust law stand up in the supreme court? I see that the legislature goes into mind numbing detail as to types of recreational activities, specifies conditions for skateboard parks and their design, and even as a bone to Senator Chambers requires localities post signs that skateboarding is inherently dangerous. Do they skateboard in the hood? State lawmakers voted 48-0 Thursday to give final passage to a bill that will protect cities and other government entities from liability for injuries at parks, playgrounds and other recreational facilities open free to the public.The bill now heads to Gov. Dave Heineman's desk, and he's expected to sign it in a formal ceremony to be scheduled next week, said spokeswoman Jen Rae Hein. It takes effect immediately upon his signature.Legislative Bill 564 was introduced, by State Sen. Mike Friend of Omaha after a Nebraska Supreme Court ruling last year said public entities could be found liable for injuries that occur at public recreational facilities

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