Friday, May 04, 2007

Follow up from the Deep Thoughts Department: ultra liberal and super genius Nebraska Supreme Court Justice Jack Handy, er Gerrard takes it upon himself to protect a death row inmate from himself. Just think where we would be without Justice Gerrard, the conscience of the Supreme Court? Who would stick up for lesbians who want to adopt kids? Who would give sappy inspirational speeches to his kids’ law student peers with mush in their heads? Who would be there to protect death row inmates from their own instructions not to proceed with any more appeals? Read this gem: If we were to conclude that electrocution was cruel and unusual after Moore had been electrocuted (Were going to hide behind the bench for a while on this one and drag this out some more), “our citizens’ (Brother Ernie only why pass it off on the 90% who want the death penalty carried out?) confidence in this court and the rest of the judicial branch as a bastion of civil rights might suffer irreparable harm.” (That’s sure more important than looking erratic and playing chicken s*** with the Department of Corrections and the Attorney General) Death row inmates especially need protection from themselves, and to serve a higher purpose! Moore (must) cede control of his defense to protect the public’s interest in the integrity and fairness of capital proceedings (his umpteen appeals don’t matter, with some of the best defense counsel helping him along the way) Although we respect the defendant’s autonomy (hey remember Roe v Wade?), the solemn business of executing a human being cannot be subordinated to the caprice (caprice, that’s after committing these grisly murders nearly 30 years ago) of the accused. We must adhere to our heightened (opinions of ourselves) obligation to ensure the lawful and constitutional administration of the death penalty, regardless of the wishes of the defendant in any one case.


ptg said...

I liked our Supreme Court better when the justices spent more time sleeping during arguments, executions, graduation speeches, etc.

stan_sipple said...

and when there was a Supreme Court Tuesday PM poker game