Saturday, December 08, 2007

Nebraska Supreme Court allows Department of health and Human Services to use 1972 cost figures when allowing nursing home operator to claim depreciation reimbursement although existing operator acquired facility in 2000. Belle Terrace v. State, S-06-876, 274 Neb. 612. The Lancaster County District Court agreed with Tecumseh nursing home operator that it could use cost figures from 2000 to claim depreciation reimbursement from Medicaid for a building that was built in 1972 because the nursing home did not use the structure for its facility until 2000. Nursing home argued and the District Court agreed that the structure was not in existence before 1974, an interpretation in line with federal Medicare regulations. Nebraska Supreme Court reverses; when the Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services declines to follow federal regulations, the departments interpretation of an unambiguous term, in this case "in existence" prevailed over an interpretation the nursing home assumed applied because if this were a Medicare case, the nursing home would have won.

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