Saturday, December 01, 2007

Nebraska Supreme Court affirms dismissal of Douglas County security employee who while on sick leave worked a second job, even though the disciplinary citation and a supervisor referenced a mistaken allegation that his off-duty injury that lead to the employee's taking sick leave was during outside employment. Hickey v. Civil Serv. Comm. of Douglas Cty., S-06-802, 274 Neb. 554. Plaintiff injured his had during off-duty time and he received sick leave from his employer Douglas county Nebraska. Later the county discovered he was working at a second job while drawing sick leave pay. The county moved to dismiss plaintiff and plaintiff appealed. One of the plaintiff's supervisors testified mistakenly that the county dismissed plaintiff because he was injured while working a second job and sought sick leave pay for the injury. But the disciplinary notice and other employees testified that the county dismissed plaintiff for working at outside employment while drawing sick leave. Supreme Court affirms. "the record clearly establishes, despite supervisor’s confusion, that Hickey’s employment was terminated for violating section 2(a) (against outside employment on sick leave) and that he had notice of and the opportunity to defend himself against that charge. We find no due process violation."

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