Sunday, April 06, 2008

Nebraska Supreme Court resolves tangled fee dispute between Law Offices of Ronald J Palagi and its former associate Steven Howard over a $2 million injury verdict from Phelps County District Court and some other large cases. Nebraska Supreme Court dismisses former associates appeal of the Buffalo County District Court's attorney lien division order {motion to alter or amend judgment to correct clerical errors did not toll 30 day appeal deadline}, affirms division of fees from same large case from Douglas County District Court and award of extra attorney fees for Palagi's untimely payment of a fee bonus to Howard under the Nebraska Wage Payment Collections Act. Nebraska Supreme Court invalidates provisions of the parties employment agreement that purported to require the associate attorney to turn over fees earned from cases the associate takes from the law firm after resigning as violating the Model Rule 5.6 {restrictions on lawyer's right to practice}. The Supreme Court also rules against the law firm's claim that the associate attorney's actions to advise the firms clients that he was leaving the firm violated the associate's fiduciary duty to the law firm because the law firm could not prove that the attorney's actions caused the firm any loss. Law Offices of Ronald J. Palagi v. Howard, S-06-384, S-06-665, S-07-757, 275 Neb. 334

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