Saturday, March 31, 2007

Aren't we lucky we have a State Senator who can think on her feet while soused? ? Although it looked bad for Senator Danielle Nantkes to refuse to take any alcohol tests after she collided with a snowplow truck last month, she can at least avoid much jail time, if any. Lancaster County district court judge Cheuvront sentenced Russell Kyle to four concurrent four to twelve year terms for multiple counts of felony drunk driving fourth offense. Reporter Butch Mabin noted the prosecutor's complaint that she could not charge the defendant with more serious crimes because during some of the defendant's prior arrests, he refused chemical tests. Under the new Nebraska drunk driving law that took effect last summer (LB925; 60-6,197.03) Drunk drivers with priors face stiffer punishment if they test over .15 during their current cases. Senator Nantkes has a prior from 1997, so if he shad blown and tested over .15 she cold have faced a one to fifteen year license revocation and 90 days in jail. Since she refused however, even if she is convicted she is unlikely to face jail time.

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