Friday, March 30, 2007

If you’re hurt on the job don’t have your employer also be your doctor: Hospital employee injured in scope and course of employment who claims additional injuries from negligent medical care from the hospital may not sue for malpractice because of the exclusive remedy provision of the Nebraska Worker compensation law Bennett v. Saint Elizabeth Health Sys., S-05-1306, 273 Neb. 300 “Plaintiff argues that because the second injury to her shoulder occurred while she was a patient receiving medical treatment from Saint Elizabeth Hospital, we should permit her to sue the hospital for additional negligence damages. Saint Elizabeth urged the Supreme Court to affirm, arguing that Plaintiff’s injuries were covered by the Workers’ Compensation act and the acts exclusive remedy provisions (48-101, 48-111, 48-112, 48-148 RRS Neb). “We agree with Saint Elizabeth and conclude that the district court did not err when it concluded that Bennett’s medical malpractice action was barred by the exclusivity provisions of the Workers’ Compensation act, granted summary judgment in favor of Saint Elizabeth, and dismissed the action. Because the consequential injury is covered, plaintiff’s exclusive remedy for this injury is under the Workers’ Compensation act, and recovery is not available in a medical malpractice action against Saint Elizabeth. Despite the “covered” nature of her injury, Bennett accordingly, we affirm.”

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