Thursday, March 29, 2007

Missouri State Patrol raided Chillicothe car dealership-brokerage as part of car title fraud investigation that included disputed sales of Hummer sport trucks from the Huber dealership in Omaha Nebraska. Missouri dealers attorneys filed motion to suppress search and seizure calling them a "fishing expedition." Omaha.Com Missouri State Patrol investigators raided the car dealership-brokerage belonging to Patrice and Ed Robertson in Chillicothe on March 7. The MSP was searching for evidence of a possible car title fraud ring that involved sales of Hummer sport trucks from the Huber dealership in Omaha nebraska. The State Patrol suspected that someone made up fake purchasers for the Hummers which were then sold overseas while General Motors paid out about $500,000 in sales rewards for more than 200 Hummers. The Robertsons' attorneys claim the MSP misled a judge of the Livingston County Court to get his approval for the search warrant The lawyers contend that investigators misrepresented what three employees of the Huber Cadillac, Hummer and Saab dealership in west Omaha told the Nebraska State Patrol last fall. The lawyers called the March 7 search was a "fishing expedition with a huge but closely woven net," Falsifying vehicle titles is a felony in Nebraska. Sales for export and sales outside the Huber dealership's territory should not have been eligible for GM incentives

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