Friday, April 06, 2007

Driver’s license applicant had been involved in a couple drunken driving incidents in Nebraska and also several other traffic incidents in Missouri while holding a Missouri drivers license. Missouri revoked the applicant’s license for 1 year and additionally imposed an additional five year ineligibility to obtain a license on the applicant. § 302.060(10) RS Mo. After the 1 year but before Missouri issued a new driver’s license he applied for a Nebraska permit. Nebraska Supreme Court agrees that he was not eligible for a Nebraska driver’s license because he was a revoked Missouri driver until the State issued a new license. Wilczewski v. Neth, S-05-1378, 273 Neb. 324 “Although Wilczewski’s 1 year revocation (from Missouri) has ended, he is still ineligible under Missouri law to renew or restore his prior Missouri driver’s license. We conclude that for purposes of the motor Vehicle Operator’s License Act, Wilczewski’s current period of ineligibility in Missouri constitutes a revocation as it is defined by § 60-476.01. Under Nebraska law, an individual may not be licensed to operate a motor vehicle in Nebraska if he has a Driver’s license that is currently revoked in another state. §60-486 RRS Neb. Because Wilczewski’s Missouri driver’s license is currently revoked for purposes of Nebraska law, Wilczewski may not be licensed to drive in this state until his 5year period of ineligibility to drive in Missouri has ended.”

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