Saturday, April 14, 2007

Nebraska Supreme Court says cigarettes can be salary for undercover agents, but in this case the informant was just giving information. State Patrol investigator gave a cooperating witness $20 for cigarettes after she gave information Harold Kuenning's murder. The Defendant in a murder case argued this was improper because the witness was in prison or on probation, parole. Nebraska Supreme Court holds that merely giving information to the Police does not make a witness an undercover agent. See 29-2262.01 State v. McKinney, S-05-591, 273 Neb. 346. The prosecution must also comply with the fourth amendment when collecting DNA samples from suspects even while they are incarcerated. under§29-3304,lawenforcementpersonnel must have probable cause to believe that the person whose Dnais sought—whether he or she has been arrested or may otherwise be subject to Dna testing—committed the crime for which the Dna is sought.

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