Saturday, April 21, 2007

Jennifer Brown hits the NFL lottery: even though she by her own admission had sex with two other men near the time she conceived a child with former Husker player Correl Buckhalter, Nebraska supreme court affirms default judgment against Buckhalter. State on behalf of A.E. v. Buckhalter, S-06-693, 273 Neb. 443The Nebraska Supreme Court took Jennifer Brown at her word that she had sex with three men including Buckhalter near the time they conceived AE. You know the other two were not the fathers, and Buckhalters “private” test was not reliable. So if you are a something headed “ho” admitting to having sex with three men at the same time means there werent more?

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Anonymous said...

You sound like you mad? So what if she did, seems he's the ho running up someone not using a rubber! Bottom line, he's a deadbeat for denying a sick child.