Friday, August 03, 2007

Nebraska Supreme Court nixes North Carolina pig breeder's claim against hog farmers estate. The breeders officers mistakenly signed where the hog farm's principal should have signed to guarantee the farms breeding stock debts. Court affirms Gage County Probate Court's ruling that there was no guaranty agreement either by reforming the erroneously signed document nor by finding that the guaranty was the "leading object" of the agreement between the farm and breeder, so the court would not excuse the writing requirement of the statute of frauds (§ 36‑202(2) (Reissue 2004)). In re Estate of Dueck, S-06-538there was no written guaranty agreement between the parties. In the absence of a written agreement between GIS and Dueck, there was nothing to reform The leading object rule presumes that there has been an oral promise or some sort of an oral agreement.Dueck did not orally agree to guarantee Forward Trend’s debt to GIS, and it follows that the leading object rule was inapplicable.

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