Friday, August 24, 2007

Will medical malpractice plaintiffs be able to bring cases against Hospitals and doctors for their advertisements? Nebraska Supreme Court, per curiam, affirms Douglas County District Court defense verdict in medical malpractice case rules that judge could exclude defendant evidence of hospital's advertisements for its walk-in emergency clinic. Supreme Court holds the advertisements did not establish a standard of care. But Court hints that in the right cases plaintiffs could bring negligent misrepresentation claims Karel v. Nebraska Health Sys., S-05-1311, 274 Neb. 175 Tina Karel's estate administrator sued Nebraska Health Systems, dba Clarkson West EmergiCare (Clarkson West), and Scott Menolascino, M.D., for medical malpractice action. Plaintiff died just a few hours after seeking treatment from the emergency clinic the second time that evening. After the defense verdict the Plaintiff appealed arguing the district court should have admitted her evidence of the defendants' print and radio advertisements produced by for the Clarkson West Emergicare clinic.Supreme Court affirms. "Neither the offer of proof nor any other part of the record affords any basis for concluding that Karel relied upon or was even aware of the marketing activities undertaken by Clarkson West when she chose to seek medical care at the facility"

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