Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Order of the Kneepads update: Counsel for Discipline for the Nebraska Supreme Court helps poor business people find ways to blame their attorneys. The Kearney Hub reports that master litigator Kent Frobish, Assistant Counsel for Discipline of the Nebraska Supreme Court filed formal charges (pdf) against venerable Kearney attorney William Orr arising from his representing the Baristas' coffee shop principals. Disciplinary Counsel Frobish became very proficient in this job because he held a baker's dozen of private sector positions before landing in the Supreme Court's easy chair. Somehow I don't see how Baristas' people can blame Orr for all their problems. He didn't tell them not to deposit their withholding taxes to the tune of over $330K. Although the FTC fined the partners, this did not completely choke their income.

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