Saturday, September 08, 2007

Another win for trial lawyer justice in Nebraska: Nebraska Supreme Court reverses summary judgment in suit against U-Haul by user who mishandled the truck's loading ramp. Erickson v. U-Haul International, S-05-1163, 274 Neb. 236The plaintiff's parents rented a U-Haul moving van to move from Iowa to Herman, Nebraska in Washington County. The Plaintiff tried to extend the loading ramp while her father moved the truck, but the truck jumped suddenly and pinned her leg. She sued the U-Haul Center of Omaha and also the umbrella U-Haul company. District court dismissed the case against U-Haul Center finding no duty to warn and dismissed against U-Haul parent company finding no personal jurisdiction. Even though the Nebraska Unicameral has already addressed truck leasing liability issues in 25-21,239, the Supreme Court (J Connolly) predictably reverses. So why is this worthless case going back for trial? Who is going to win a negligence case when a girl and her parents are mishandling heavy equipment? This case wont go to trial and someone will pocket a nice settlement since the Supreme Court has shut off the defendants' threat of a quick dismissal.

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Its part of the tort bar's full employment plan.