Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Edward Poindexter's attorney recently lost his client's latest motion for new trial; Douglas County District Judge Bowie ruled against him on every point. Poindexter's attorney also obtained ham sandwich indictments against Lincoln Police and Fire Department personnel in 1995 from Lincoln's 1994 "Rodney King" wannabe Renteria. When the cases when to trial all promptly resulted in acquittals. Does anyone see a pattern here? Poindexter's attorney Bob Bartle said it all however, when he seemed to brush off the district court loss because "it's going to the Supreme Court." Well if I were a friend or relative of the Omaha Police officers Ed Poindexter and David Rice killed or maimed, I would not assume that the meddlesome snivel liberties lawyers representing these Black Panther thugs and their lackeys on the Supreme Court are done yet.

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