Sunday, September 16, 2007

Speed traps in men's rooms: Did the Minneapolis Airport police set-up Senator Craig? Maybe to tap the bathroom-cruising cash cows, but not for politics. Now that Senator Craig has decided to try to fight the citations he received, officially for violating Minnesota criminal statutes titled "Interference with Privacy" and "Disorderly Conduct", did the cops set him up to unseat yet another Senator from the vulnerable Republican Party? Probably they set him up but not for that reason. The fine was pretty substantial. And most defendants caught in an airport far from home would love to avoid the embarrassment of returning to Minnesota, sitting through hours of county court sessions to fight the charges. Predictably most would waive their rights and plead guilty to reduced charges. Now with a $1000 fine and nearly $100 of court costs, that's good pay for a day's work. The airport probably pays the officer $40-45k per year, maybe to $55k with overtime. Add in 20 to 30% for deferred compensation, FICA, health insurance, etc. The $1000 fine more than covers the officer's pay for the day. Now the officer probably spent half his shift landing the Senator, and court personnel and prosecutors a few more hours, but still a nice profit from the cruising cash cows.

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