Saturday, May 10, 2008

Nebraska Supreme Court affirms judgment that non-compete agreement between and insurance agency and one of its brokers was enforceable even after the broker's original employer had merged with another firm. The successor company had valid consideration for a non-compete agreement that barred the defendant from soliciting the company's customers for 2 years after his termination. The Nebraska Supreme Court upheld the trial court's damage calculation by which the Douglas County District Court determined the damages from breaching the non-compete agreement by finding the amount of revenue the defendant generate from the prohibited customers for two years after his termination minus the expenses the plaintiff would have incurred had it retained the business. While the trial court rejected the plaintiff's CPA experts conclusions, it accepted some of his findings as to revenues and expenses. Because the court took the expert's testimony as fact testimony, it did not need to determine if the CPA's testimony passed the Daubert test. Aon Consulting v. Midlands Fin. Benefits, S-06-1256, S-07-034 , 275 Neb. 642

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