Saturday, May 03, 2008

Nebraska Supreme Court denies Goodyear's claim that the Nebraska Department of Revenue should have created regulations to define what sales tax credits Goodyear could receive for property purchases before the Revenue Department could deny credits to Goodyear under the LB775 business tax incentive programs. Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co. v. State, S-06-1103, 275 Neb. 594The Nebraska Supreme Court denied Goodyear's appeal that it was entitled to credits for sales taxes on some equipment and parts purchases. Goodyear also appealed because the Nebraska Department of Revenue did have have regulations to interpret the disputed sections of the law. The Supreme Court held the Revenue Department did not need the regulations. "In the present case, § 77-4111 requires the Commissioner to adopt and promulgate those rules and regulations, but only those rules that are necessary for carrying out the purposes of L.B. 775. The purpose of L.B. 775 is to “accomplish economic revitalization of Nebraska” and to “encourage new businesses to relocate to Nebraska, retain existing businesses and aid in their expansion, promote the creation and retention of new jobs in Nebraska, and attract and retain investment capital in the State of Nebraska.”We conclude that promulgating rules and regulations regarding interpretation of qualified property is not necessary for carrying out those purposes."

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