Friday, May 02, 2008

Residents of the Ponca Hills area in Omaha appealed the Douglas County Board Equalization's decision to exempt residential properties an Omaha Catholic Diocese there used for lay ministry. Nebraska Supreme Court dismisses their appeal finding that the neighbors did not have standing to appeal the County's decision to exempt real estate from taxation with a petition in error to the Douglas County District Court. McClellan v. Board of Equal. of Douglas Cty., S-06-1072, 275 Neb. 581 "The Legislature’s stated purpose in the Tax Equalization and Review Commission Act (TERC) (Neb. Rev. Stat. § 77-5007) was to create an efficient mode of review by a single body which would provide a more consistent review of tax exemption and equalization decisions made by a board of equalization. The language of § 77-202.04 very specifically lists who may appeal from exemption decisions. The Legislature did not see fit to allow every indirectly affected taxpayer to appeal from the exemption status of someone else’s property. Instead, the Legislature determined that giving standing to the county assessor to appeal the grant of an exemption was sufficient to protect the public’s general interest in what properties are included on the tax rolls."

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