Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Kearney liquor store loses its license after selling alcohol to a minor who later died as a passenger in automobile accident. Nebraska Supreme Court affirms liquor license revocation because the defendant liquor store failed to prove that the minor's Canadian identification card that he had presented in the past to purchase alcohol was a valid identification card. Although the Commission permitted a community activist to speak to urge the Commission to revoke the store's license the District Court judge cured any error because she did not consider the citizen's comments when reviewing the Commission's revocation ruling. JCB Enters. v. Nebraska Liq. Cont. Comm., S-06-1373, 275 Neb. 797 When the district court conducts its review of a final decision of the Commission, it is required to make independent factual determinations. In its proceedings for review of a final decision of the Commission, the district court shall conduct the review de novo on the record of the agency. Id. In this case, the district court stated in its order that when it conducted its de novo review, it “specifically ha[d] not considered any evidence which was not received at the actual hearing in this matter which took place before the Commission.” T hus, any irregularities before the Commission were cured when the district court ignored R iibe’s comments in its de novo review of the record in the instant case.

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