Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Summary judgment for defendant in insured's breach of contract action against insurance broker for failing to purchase insurance reversed. Nebraska Supreme Court holds that summary judgment for insurance agent was inappropriate because the defendant did not prove whether the agent was a captive agent for the insurance company or whether he was an insurance broker, acting on behalf of the insured to acquire insurance. Broad v. Randy Bauer Ins. Agency, S-06-844, 275 Neb. 788 We conclude that an action for breach of contract to procure insurance is inappropriate when brought against an insurer’s agent who, within the scope of his or her authority, contracted on behalf of the disclosed principal and did not bind himself or herself personally. Specifically, an insurance agent’s mere promise to procure requested coverage through his sole principal is insufficient to create the agent’s personal liability because that promise is clearly within the scope of the agent’s authority. However, we will recognize a cause of action against a broker for breach of contract to procure insurance because the broker is the insured’s agent.

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