Sunday, June 15, 2008

Text of Attorney General Jon Bruning's opinion concerning petition circulators and blockers who appear on private commercial property. Nebraska Attorney General's Office. The constitutional guarantee of free speech in Nebraska is found in art. I, § 5 of the Nebraska Constitution. However, the Nebraska Supreme Court has repeatedly and consistently held that the guarantee of freedom of speech under the Nebraska Constitution is the same as the guarantee of freedom of speech under the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. Pony Lake School District 30 v. State Committee for the Reorganization of School Districts, 271 Neb. 173, 710 N.W.2d 609 (2006); Dossett v. First State Bank, 261 Neb. 959, 627 N.W.2d 131 (2001); State v. Moore, 258 Neb. 738, 605 N.W.2d 440 (2000); Pick v. Nelson, 247 Neb. 487, 528 N.W.2d 309 (1995). .. While there are no Nebraska cases directly on point, we do not believe that art. I § 5 of the Nebraska Constitution creates a state constitutional right for petition circulators or “blockers” to remain on private property and continue their activities after the owner has asked them to stop.

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