Saturday, September 10, 2005

Nebraska Supremes refuse to reinstate suspended physician

Nebraska Supreme Court back from its vacation rules that Board of Health Chairman had discretion to overrule health boards recommendation that physician suspended from 1997 should not regain his medical license. The board of health had suspended Dr Navrkal in 1997 for alcohol abuse and for having an intimate relationship with a mental patient. In the meantime the dr had practiced outside the scope of his probationary licenses in colorado and nebraska; had graduated from the University of Texas law school (but failed the bar exam once) and had beeb convictged of an alcohol related traffic offense in Colorado. The Supreme Court held the board chairman could overrule the Board. The dr attempted on appeal to raise a disability discrimination act issue but the Nebraska Supremes refused to consider it under plain error. In re Petition of Navrkal, S-04-808, 270 Neb. 391 The supreme court also disbarred upon voluntary surrender of license former prosecutor Greg Lauby who was convicted in Colorado of statutory rape and related offenses. State ex rel. Counsel for Dis. v. Lauby, S-05-616, 270 Neb. 405 The Nebraska Supreme Court dismissed with prejudice formal discilplinary charges against attorney Lyle Koenig, who had been suspended for 90 days in 2002. No. S-05-209: State ex rel. Counsel for Dis. v. Koenig. Motion sustained; formal charges dismissed with prejudice.

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