Sunday, December 25, 2005

Election data services a Washington DC think tank that helps Congress assign congressional seats to the states every ten years projects losses of seats to Missouri, Iowa, Illinois and Minnesota as of 2010; Article does not speculate on the fate of Nebraska's 3rd District, although how long Nebraska will be able to keep a third congressional district is clearly on the minds of the relatively young candidates there seeking to take Tom Osborne's slot Election Data Services Dec 22 press release "Based upon these (pre-Katrina) projections: the biggest GAINERS are: Florida, up 3 to 28; and Texas, up 3 to 35 seats. based upon these numbers, a new big gainer would be Arizona, up 2 to 10 seats. The other gainers are: Nevada, up 1 to 4; Utah, up 1 to 4; and Georgia, up 1 to 14. the biggest LOSERS are: New York, down 2 to 27; and Ohio, down 2 to 16. the other losers are: Massachusetts, down 1 to 9; Pennsylvania, down 1 to 18; Michigan, down 1 to 14, ; Illinois, down 1 to 18; Minnesota, down 1 to 7; Iowa, down 1 to 4; and Missouri, down 1 to 8."

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