Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Follow up: Iowa getting into the act to expand number of "fishable/swimmable" streams next year; its that or face the music from the EPA and various professional environmental plaintiffs Omaha.com Would you go swimming in the West Nodaway River? State of Iowa estimates a $1billion bill; Sierra club disputes that, but whats a few hundred million? Governor Vilsack promises exemptions and assistance for cash strapped small communities who will struggle to meet the standards.

" Under the proposed standards, which the state will consider adopting early next year, all perennial streams in Iowa would be given blanket designations of "fishable, swimmable" - making them safe for fish and people by removing harmful bacteria and ammonia carried in human wastewater. The new standards would add up to 14,000 miles of protected streams, said Adam Schnieders, a senior environmental specialist at the Department of Natural Resources. The agency has estimated a statewide cost that could reach $960 million to upgrade, maintain and manage all of the affected wastewater treatment facilities - a list that is more than 14 pages long."

Sierra club: "Iowa is way, way behind the curve,"

The Iowa Environmental Council estimates that 54 percent of the state's perennial streams, those that flow year-round, have been called nonperennial or intermittent streams in the past. Under the new standards, many of those streams would be relabeled perennial and given new aquatic and recreational use protection. Wastewater treatment plants that have not had stringent ammonia nitrogen limits might need to build new facilities.

For example the West Nodaway will become a swimmable river and then clarinda must add on disinfecting processes to the tune of $500K-$750K

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