Monday, December 12, 2005

Follow up: full time legal resource protest/advocacy center that was busy putting hog farms out of business now has time to try jumping into the Papillion Wal-Mart case at the last second; Protesting landowners have requested rehearing in the Nebraska Supreme Court, though they concede its a long shot
The Great Plains Environmental Law Center is asking to enter the legal battle against the proposed Market Pointe shopping center just outside Papillion. The center has provided legal representation for more than a dozen groups across the state opposing livestock confinement operations, according to Steve Virgil, the group's general counsel. Attorneys for the City of Papillion, the landowner and the shopping center's developer said in court filings that the law center showed no interest in the case while it was being briefed and argued, and therefore shouldn't be allowed to join the case now."In light of the court's unanimous opinion and the length of time which has passed since its issuance, it is difficult to see what Great Plains could add to the court's consideration," the attorneys said.

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