Saturday, December 24, 2005

Experts are divided on impact of Federal Court Judge Smith-Camp's ruling last week that the Nebraska Corporate Farm prohibition will have on livestock production and on whether the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals will uphold Judge Smith Camp's decision Law Professor David Aiken predicts the eighth Circuit will uphold the ruling, Iowa State professor Roger McEowen already has predicted the case will be reversed. Professor Aiken is right that the battle will probably shift to the ruralcounties and their struggles to approve or disapprove of large feed lots and hog confinement facilities:
Nebraska will be virgin territory. “They will come to the counties where zoning lets them in,” Aiken said. “And so the battlefield will shift. In fact I think it already has shifted. It will shift from Initiative 300 to county zoning.”
Only Morrill County is designated "livestock friendly" Now however most counties andthe state has not been livestockfriendly, for example The number of hogs in Nebraska has dropped to its lowest level since 1975.

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