Saturday, June 16, 2007

Follow up: Who was the former Supreme Court employee who retained access to the Nebraska Supreme Court's JUSTICE program? More details leak out after the Nebraska State Auditor pulls up the rug in the "squeaky clean" Supreme Court's crib and shows a few more roaches scurrying around. Turns out some former employees still retained access to the main JUSTICE computer system and in theory some had the capability to alter court records. Who was/were these employees? After all just two years ago someone in charge of the Supreme Court forced the resignation of the probation director Ed Birkel after a drunk driving arrest and then terminated then State Court administrator Frank Goodroe after he had been on the job about 18 months. Journal Star reporter Leah Thorsens March 30 2005 headline on the story read, "No details given on state court administrator's firing." Janice Walker, the Court administrator deputy took over, and received all the hits for the Court's extravagant seminar costs. Looks like s*** really doesn't roll uphill.

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