Saturday, June 23, 2007

Follow up: Nebraska Supreme Court agrees that the Papio -Missouri Natural Resources District could subsidize private developments in Sarpy County while allowing taxpayers in its district to foot the bill. Japp v. Papio-Missouri River NRD, S-06-045, 273 Neb. 779. Justice William Connolly patron of death row inmates and the municipal bulldozer over private property rules that the Papio-Missouri NRD could enter into sweetheart deals with two high end real estate McMansion developments, because the developments would promote overall good water management. "under § 2-3235(1), the District has express authority to cooperate, enter agreements, and furnish aid to them to carry out projects that benefit the District." Even if the developers hold the property for very short times, they count! The Supreme Court chose to ignore the NRD's own concerns that their actions were illegal when the challenging taxpayers asked to introduce the legislatures 2005 proposed legislation LB552 which the unicameral voted down. That was irrelevant evidence. Finally setting up expensive water developments in a depressed housing market was not an improper extension of credit to the private developers (XIII, § 3, of the Nebraska Constitution). Thank you Justice Connolly!

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