Saturday, June 09, 2007

Lets hear it for the "squeaky clean" Nebraska Supreme Court: some in their comments accuse State Auditor Mike Foley of grandstanding his critical report of Supreme Court spending. Journal Journal Star reporter made much of the Auditor's report on apparent overspending on Supreme Court conferences, maybe by a twice as much according to federal GSA standards. The full report though reveals more than this tip of the iceberg: a. lack of accounting for state vehicle use and meal reimbursements b. the over funded budget for the Counsel for Discipline; remember CJ Hendry wrote just about two years ago in the Nebraska lawyer that he had to raise dues because of the big holes the bad lawyers left because they wouldn't pay the court costs in their disciplinary cases. By they way, why would Mr. Mabin be asking CJ Heavican for his comments? Didn't this happen on the Champion of Justice Justice Hendry's watch? Maybe he shouldn't have left so suddenly to spend quality family time so that he could straighten this out.

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