Saturday, June 09, 2007

No political subdivision tort claim act liability against a zoning entity that refused to grant a building permit after one of its representatives advised property owners that he would allow the permit.

Rohde v. City of Ogallala, S-06-149

Plaintiffs sued the City of Ogallala for rescinding approval it had given the Plaintiffs to rebuild on some property. The court of appeals sent the case back after Ogallala won a 12b motion in district court. Rohde v. Knoepfel, 13 N eb. A pp. 383, 693 N .W.2d 564 (2005). This time the Supreme Court affirms summary judgment because the city was immune from zoning actions under 13-910(4). Section 13-910(4) is clear and unambiguous. Political subdivisions are not liable under the PSTCA for actions based upon the revocation of a permit or license. The City revoked its decision to issue a permit allowing the Rohdes to subdivide their property because such division did not comply with City ordinances.

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