Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Follow up: WE'RE NUMBER ONE! Legal reform activists proclaim Nebraska most business friendly legal climate in the country. We have a "rule of law" judiciary (for now) and an attorney general who is more interested in law enforcement than taking down businesses. But I'm not sure if the authors of the report took into account our justice crusaders Connolly and Gerrard..

Risky Business: The Annual Boardroom Guide to Litigation in the 50 States ranks state legal environments with economics, real world corporate experience and input from state legal reform experts and puts Nebraska and Virginia on top. Why does Nebraska come out on top? "Nebraska enjoys the top ranking for its favorable litigation climate. Its liability laws lead to fair and predictable litigation results. Nebraska law does not allow punitive damages, places limits on medical malpractice lawsuits, has a 10-year statute of repose for product liability lawsuits, and does not allow joint liability for non-economic damages. The Supreme Court is led by a rule-of-law majority and Attorney General Jon Bruning is a staunch defender of the rule of law. Nebraska’s liability climate is conducive to growth and job creation..

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ptg said...

I see tort lawyers working as stockers at Target here in Nebraska. Don't let John Edwards hear about this.