Sunday, July 01, 2007

Nebraska Supreme Court advises District Courts not to make extra work for it by routinely certifying Section 25- 1315(1) piece-meal final orders for appeal. Supreme Court dismisses appeal from Plaintiff severely injured in 1998 on Interstate 680- while it was under construction because the appeal concerned only part of his case against the road sign contractor and the district court abused its discretion in allowing the Plaintiff to appeal on just this part of his case. Cerny v. Todco Barricade Co., S-05-877 Plaintiff was severely injured in rear end collision on a part of Douglas county I680 that was under construction. He settled claims with the other driver, the state and its main contractor. He proceeded against the Road Sign subcontractor for his own claim and the assigned claims of the other defendants. The district court granted summary judgment in favor of the road sign contractor only on the contribution and indemnity claims of the state and its contractor. The plaintiff asked the court to certify the summary judgment as final under 25-1315(1) and the District Court entered final judgment. The sign company cross appealed the court's denying its motion for summary judgment against the 2nd driver. Supreme Court dismisses appeal finding that the trial court should not have so easily found the contribution/indemnity claims were final orders. "§ 25-1315(1) was intended to prevent interlocutory appeals, not make them easier...Therefor certification of a final judgment must be reserved for the “unusual case” in which the costs and risks of multiplying the number of proceedings and of overcrowding the appellate docket are outbalanced by pressing needs of the litigants for an early and separate judgment as to some claims or parties.29 the power § 25-1315(1)confers upon the trial judge should only be used “‘“in the infrequent harsh case

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