Tuesday, July 17, 2007

While the Nebraska court of appeals affirmed probation for the runt rider Richard Thompson, it affirms theLancaster County District Court's 12-18 year sentence for second degree arson (Section 28-503 RRS Neb)that District Judge Colborn handed to 17 year old Benjamin Reddish ( a class III felony). "The record indicates that within a period of less than 2 months, Reddish was involved in starting nine fires, ranging from small acts of vandalism to vehicle fires to the fire resulting in this sentence, in which Reddish was responsible for completely destroying a residence under construction and causing in excess of $400,000 damage. The record also indicates that Reddish has a history of fire-related conduct, and during the presentence investigation, Reddish scored in the maximum risk range for aggressiveness and the problem risk range for antisocial behavior and violence. The fires Reddish was involved in were premeditated acts, and he pled no contest to a serious crime. The district court did not abuse its discretion in imposing this sentence. This assignment of error is without merit."

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