Sunday, July 01, 2007

Obtuse prose department: Can anyone figure out what something isn't because it isn't? In In re Estate of Potthoff, S-05-1299 the Nebraska Supreme Court (J McCormack) determined that a decedent's attempts to take property he held with his estranged wife by filing "notices" were ineffective to turn joint held property into tenancy in common. In the meantime the Supreme Court had to find that the Red Willow County Court's decision in Elvira and Lloyd Potthoff's case was a final order when the Supreme Court in Estate of Rose had held that a probate court decision that some property was not exempt family property was not a final order. See Estate of rose 730 NW.2d 391(2007).. Try to decipher this: the record before this court does not reflect that elvira has made a claim for an elective share. thus,unlike In re Estate of rose,the computation of the augmented estate is not the fundamental issue i n this case.rather,the fundamental issue before the county court was the computation of the probate estate.

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