Sunday, August 09, 2009

Lincoln chiropractor who had earlier career as a mortician loses another attempt to reduce alimony award. Metcalf v. Metcalf, S-07-1346, 278 Neb. 258 Nebraska Supreme Court modifies rule on changed circumstances when to allow modification of a divorce decree. "a judgment for alimony may be modified only upon a showing of facts or circumstances that have changed since the last order granting or denying modification was entered. But once some change has been established since the last request, the analysis focuses on the change in circumstances since alimony was originally awarded or last modified. We adopt this rule because it recognizes the force of res judicata; modification will be considered only when there has been a change in circumstances since the last request for modification. But if there has been no change, modification is not justified, because the request is essentially the same as the last request."

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