Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Plaintiffs who sued the City of Omaha for injuries children suffered in sledding accident at Memorial Park won partial summary judgment on liability under the Political Subdivision Tort Claim Act. City sought to appeal the liability finding and obtained certification from the trial court that it was a final order. Nebraska Supreme Court dismisses appeal because a partial summary judgment can never be a final order, even if a party tries to certify it under 251315 Connelly v. City of Omaha, S-08-1011, 278 Neb. 31 "no final order was entered (or determination made) regarding damages as required by § 25-1902, and accordingly, the court could not have directed the entry of a final judgment within the meaning of § 25-1315(1). Because the judgment does not dispose of the entirety of any one claim, it cannot be made an appealable judgment by recourse to § 25-1315.21."

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