Saturday, August 08, 2009

Thanks Licensing Board: From Dan Ullman, President of Nebraska Psychological Association his letter to the editor in the Journalstar on August 5, 2009:
The Nebraska Psychological Association expresses its appreciation on the part of the licensing boards for psychology and mental health practice in resisting an attempt to discriminate against vulnerable clients in providing mental health services or referrals for services. The focus of this attempt to prevent clinical services includes sexual orientation, religion, gender identity or other reasons based on any provider's claim of a "moral and religious conviction."

Most disturbing is the continuing attempt by the Department of Health and Human Services to coerce licensing boards to establish this discrimination regulation by placing on hold for 18 months needed changes approved by the boards ("Agency urges compromise," July 19, LJS).

Newspaper articles have emphasized Health and Human Services' attempt to discriminate against services to homosexuals. Not mentioned is the proposed discrimination policy against other clients on the basis of a provider's claim of a "moral or religious conviction."

The Nebraska Psychological Association's Code of Ethics protects the rights, welfare and safety of all clients, not just those who belong to any particular personal orientation. The code mandate is "Do No Harm;" it is not to protect the prejudices of providers.

Under the current Code of Ethics, if a mental health provider is unable to provide services, the provider must refer services in the terms of behavioral health needs of clients, not the needs or prejudices of a provider.

Dan Ullman, president, Nebraska Psychological Association

I couldnt agree more but I dont think Dr Ullman goes far enough so I sent the NPA my suggestions to elminate all homophobia from the psychological profession: How commendable of Dr Ullman for putting homosexual patients ahead of the "conscience" of those psychological professionals who would refuse to treat them. As you know "conscience" for these fanatic religious practitioners really means their freedom to be fearful, ignorant and hateful. However I am afraid that merely removing "conscience" rules from professional licensing standards does not go far enough to ensure the highest professional standards in your field. No, you have to also eliminate the hate from the profession. After all how to do ensure that some psychologists who harbor bigoted thoughts about homosexuality would not take on homosexuals' cases with the intention of harming them, or horrors trying to convert them to heterosexuality? I urge the Nebraska Psychological Association if you have not already, to recommend the following rules: 1. licensed psychologists must sign affidavits when applying for a license or renewing one that they fully embrace homosexuality as a healthy and in some respects a superior lifestyle to traditional marriage. They should encourage youngsters to discover their sexuality as early as possible. 2. psychologists must register which churches they attend and allow licensing boards to review the teachings of those churches to identify any latent or obvious homophobic messages. 3. In cases when homosexuals allege , they could discover from the professionals computers, diaries, notes and writings anything that questions homosexuality. 4. Psychologists who might harbor bigoted and outdated views on homosexuality or traditional marriage would have to undergo graduated probationary educational programs to purge themselves of these views. In case when the professional refuses to distance himself from actual homophobic views or churches that preach this hate, they should face discipline. Again thank you for your efforts to eliminate hate from our society. After all we can learn a lot from brave leaders like Hitler and Mao. They knew you had to go after the educated professions first before enslaving the masses

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